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As a cold moon rises

over a maddening sea of thought

I find myself lost

in the rip and flow of its tide

memories thrashing

along the shore

bringing tears


sometimes taunting

then setting me free.

Estuaries form

creating marked paths

I might choose to follow

because I could never stay

where the echoing water

thunders and crashes

urging me forward

past the waterfall

into the peaceful sunshine

where momentarily

I stop to warm my feet

in the glistening sand

stepping forward to greet

that new land

where reality rises

within the glow

of a gentle summer’s night.



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I stood beside the sea alone

allowing the tempest to wash over me

threatening to drag me away

underneath its salty spray

forever memories

of a thousand lives

making me laugh

bringing tears to my eyes

wishing to return

yet unable to go on

losing myself today

gaining nothing in the moment

never content

then I saw your hand

reaching beyond the sea

gently urging me forward

into tomorrow

I can move now

free of the torment

forever is a strong word

but not for those who understand



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I am invisible
occupying no space
making no sounds
not even a mouse
just here
beyond the circle
that uncomfortable
causing you to draw your arms
around you
closing your eyes
your ears
your mind
If you chance to realize
I give you
my plastic smile
my apology



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Is there such a thing as Perfection?
Is it a sweet confection?
Or an innocent deception?
We strive to achieve
what our minds can conceive
as the ultimate beauty and design,
but minute flaws gyrate
across the slate
and during the process of elimination
we discover in our frustration
that without the striations,
cracks and abrasions,
we may hold the perfect tool
but find we’ve messed up the jewel.



Therese Whitman

Therese Whitman

Therese was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. She graduated from the University of Nebraska with a BA in English.